Review: Bittersweet Kaleidoscope by Bill Mohr


Rating: ★ ★ ★ ½ ☆
Date read: November – December 2008
Read count: 1

I don’t often read poetry, and when I do, it’s for an assignment or research, not usually for fun. I picked up this collection for a class with the intention of showing the class what makes “contemporary” short poems effective and unique.

A couple of examples:


Objects linger when they move,
unaware of the day’s alignment
between your death and mine.


Were you close?” I’m asked, as if grief
Would sting less deeply were we friends
As well as son and father. Further apart
Two men could never meet, though blood bends
Through arteries, veins and capillaries
Summoned into Presense by his pleasure.
Oh that I could have grown more slowly—
Remember being small and cradled like treasure.

What I didn’t expect was to enjoy this short collection. What I also didn’t expect was why I like these poems so much. They’re simple in form and clear in their turn of phrase.

Original review can be found here.


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