Review: The Art of Warfare (Classics of Ancient China)

The Art of Warfare (Classics of Ancient China)

Rating: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★
Date read: August 20 to October 02, 2013
Read count: 8

A little background info to put things in perspective:

Sun Tzu was a highly respected general and warlord of his time, and he wrote this book of battle strategies with a purpose and that was to help improve military leaders who came after him. It was never his plan for this book to be spread outside of his “social circle,” let alone to foreigners and foreign lands and foreign affairs/warfare… more than 2,500 years after his death.

I always keep that in mind when rereading this book, which I have done almost every year since I first read it ten years ago, and knowing that this book was never meant for public use, because it’s a secret code among ancient warlords, makes it even more interesting.

So the main issue is how applicable are Sun Tzu’s tactics. That’s really a matter of experience and personality. I don’t think I’ve ever applied his teachings, not purposely or consciously anyway.

* Rest of review to be added later.

—     —     —     —     —

Everyone has an absolute favorite book that he/she revisits once in a while. This book is mine. I try to read a different edition every year. When I run out of editions, which would be never, I will probably go back and reread the older ones. This book transcends time and cultural context.

Original review can be found here.


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