Review: Mind Fuck (The Administration, #1) by Manna Francis


Rating: ★ ★ ★ ☆ ☆
Date read: October 9 to 11, 2013
Read count: 1

An interesting read. Not at all what I was expecting. When I first read the summary and skimmed other reviewers’ responses, I thought this was going to be a mess.

What I was expecting:
Hardcore BDSM with a murder mystery set in a futuristic world interjected into the story. In between extended sex scenes, of course.

What I got:
Decent writing, interesting characterization, and an interesting pseudo-futuristic story. So basically it’s the opposite of my expectations.

The basic set up is this: there’s a murder mystery plot at the center of the story, a few explicit sex scenes thrown in to keep things interesting–sort of noir-ish in tone and atmosphere–and the unfolding of a corporation-centered world that’s built on sabotage. If explicit sex scenes aren’t your thing but you’re still interested in the book’s set-up, then you’re in luck (maybe?) because they are easy to skip in that they are sectioned off by chapters. You can essentially skip a whole scene by skipping a chapter, but I would at least skim it because there are things in it that’s crucial to plot and character development, and also because sex is the basis of the main characters’ semi-hostile budding relationship. They grow to like and appreciate each other later on, but at the beginning it was just sex. And intrigue. Mostly sex and some intrigue.

The world of New London is a futuristic, post-apocalyptic meltdown kind of world where familiar world orders are no longer in place. Instead, all of Europe is run by The Administration, a sociopathic draconian government body that favors a corporation-based society. We’re introduced to Val Toreth, a high-ranking government official who’s an investigator and interrogator by trade. He’s been assigned to a high-profile death that occurred at a fledgling tech company, and he has to determine whether the death is murder or suicide. Keir Warrick is head of the company under investigation. The start-up is in the final stages of testing a groundbreaking simulation technology, which might or might not be the cause of murder. Perhaps the technology is killing its users? Or is someone within the company sabotaging its development?

It’s sad and unfortunate that this book, well written and plotted as it is, isn’t getting a tenth of the attention Fifty Shades of Grey is getting. Well, we all know why that is. (**cough** heterosexuality always takes precedent **cough**) Though the explicit content itself isn’t so much the problem here since both series feature BDSM, or in Fifty Shades’ case, the author’s weird version of it. While Fifty Shades is making the rounds and will be made into a movie (or a series like the books… yikes), not many have even heard of The Administration. That is sad, really.


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