Review: The Black Lung Captain (Tales of the Ketty Jay #2) by Chris Wooding


Rating: ★ ★ ★ ★ ½
Date Read: September 18 to 30, 2014
Read Count: 1
Recommended by:
Recommended for: anyone who likes rollicking adventure tales

Still a lot of fun and action-packed, just like the first book.

The adventure opens with Frey and Crew down on their luck, yet again. Their cut of the reward money from the Retribution Falls affair has been spent, and now they’re back to living from job to job. But then Harvin Grist appears out of the blue with a proposition in their hour of need. He and this explorer he found, Hodd, have pinpointed the location of a mysterious treasure, and they would like Frey and Crew (specifically Crake) to help retrieve it. Grist promises riches, and it’s just too much to pass up.

But there’s something off about this Captain Grist that Frey can’t figure out, that is, until it’s too late. His gut instincts are usually right on the mark, but once again he ignores the feeling because times are desperate and the Ketty Jay, being the rust bucket that she is, is in bad shape. She desperately needs new parts or she’ll never make it to whatever ripe old age Frey makes it to.

Once the treasure is retrieved, the betrayals begin. Frey and Crew are forced to align themselves with a former enemy (and fiancee). Each leg of their adventure is fraught with danger, yet Frey believes he can face anything as long as he’s got his crew. Unfortunately the crew is coming apart at the seams. Everyone’s hiding a big secret; these things tend to boil over at the worst times when kept hidden for too long. Now isn’t the time to deal with any of that, but circumstances force a few of these secrets to light. Either Frey and his crew hash out these things now while they’re on the chase, as well as being chased, or they risk losing the hard-earned trust they have in each other and this strange rag-tag family they’ve gotten so used to.


Other things that happen on the side:

Jez finds out what she really is, and we find out what a Mane is.

Crake embarks on a dark mission to restore Bess to her former self.

Pinn receives word that his beloved Lisinda is marrying another. So he also embarks on a personal mission to win her back.

Harkins also embarks on a personal mission to rid himself and the Ketty Jay of a menace.

Slag, still a menace

Malvery, still an alcoholic

Silo, less of mystery than the last book, but still a mystery. (Brief summary of the next book says Frey and Crew will be traveling to Samarla. Exciting. I can hardly wait.)

Frey, in the middle of a botched heist, has the beginning of an existential crisis, something he thought he was immuned to.

Which leads to his coming to terms with Trinica Dracken. They come to an understand (of sorts) and resolve (some of) their differences, only to end up on opposite sides again. Ah, well. At least they tried.

Whatever the next book entails, I’m sure I’ll love it.


2 thoughts on “Review: The Black Lung Captain (Tales of the Ketty Jay #2) by Chris Wooding

  1. thebookgator November 4, 2014 / 10:35 pm

    You will. This series gets better and better–I think the fourth was my favorite so far.


    • 1stavenue November 10, 2014 / 12:17 pm

      This is, hands down, my favorite adventure series. I’m on the 4th book right now and knowing that it’s the last book makes for a bittersweet read.


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