RE: Foxglove Summer (and snow)

Nothing says “welcome home” like over a foot of snow at the start of November. We don’t usually get buried under until after New Years, but it looks like winter is kicking off early this year. While I was bemoaning the amount of snow and taking the day off, I got a surprising email from Gollancz about Foxglove Summer. More about this below.

Foxglove Summer has 2 release dates, Nov. 13 for the UK and some day in January for the US. Since I didn’t want to pay the shipping price, I placed my order through a US seller which means my copy won’t arrive until next year. [*headdesk*] This is the kind of thing publishers should let retailers know ahead of time, before allowing advanced orders. I won’t even ponder the reasons for separate release dates or why the dates are so far apart. If I’d known, I wouldn’t have ordered ahead of time.

But then the people at Gollancz came to the rescue and offered to send me the ebook, which I did not expect at all. I expected a refund, but this is better, much better. I don’t know whether or not this is a common thing for publishers, and I don’t know that many people who order books early, so I can’t compare notes. It must be a rare occurrence though because the people I talked to were like, “Be honest, how many times did you yell at them before they gave in?” So tbh, none. I didn’t reach out to them or even talk about it online until now.

The ebook will be sent to my account this Thursday, and I can hardly wait.


Alfie Enoch as Wes Gibbins in How to Get Away with Murder

…aka the future Peter Grant?

I didn’t start considering actors for the role of Peter until I saw this guy in an episode of Sherlock. There’s just something smartly aloof, yet endearing, about his presence on screen that feels just right for Peter.

ETA [Jan 13, 2015]


Oh yeah?


3 thoughts on “RE: Foxglove Summer (and snow)

  1. stephswint November 10, 2014 / 3:03 pm

    I’m so excited for you…and jealous. No spoilers…but…AHHHH! I’m going to go crazy not having this! Kudos to Gallancz doing the right thing and getting the book to you.


    • 1stavenue November 10, 2014 / 7:13 pm

      Yeah, they seem to be fluent in damage control lol. Don’t worry about spoilers. I won’t have much time discussing it with anyone. I’ll barely have enough time to read it.


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