Review: Radiance (Wraith Kings #1) by Grace Draven


Rating: ★ ★ ★ ☆ ☆
Date Read: January 05 to 07, 2016
Recommended by: Vaginal Fantasy Group
Recommended to:

Better than I expected, but still it’s not for me.

I have no problem with the romance though, surprisingly. I thought it was actually nice and well developed. The main characters started out as unwilling participants in an arranged marriage to seal a shaky political alliance. They’re good-hearted, wholesome characters that you root for, so it’s nice to read about them learning about each other, and fortunately, much of the book is spent on them growing to like one another. Those feelings deepen later on, much later on. If I remember correctly, they don’t fall into bed until the 80% mark. So no head-over-heels insta-love here. Rather, this one’s a slow burning kind of romance.

My issue with this book is all about the writing style. I couldn’t really get into the story until near the end, and I think it’s because it’s too explain-y. For a world that’s not that complicated and characters not that complex, there sure is a lotta explainin’. The POV alternates between the leads from chapter to chapter, and too much, I feel, is revealed about each character’s thoughts, feelings, motivations, wishes, goals, etc etc. So while you get a good sense of the characters… there’s almost no room left for surprise. But if you enjoy the characters, none of that would matter.

Overall, a good read (for a romance), but light on SFF elements. This book was picked for Vaginal Fantasy’s January BOTM, and I look forward to what those ladies have to say.

* * * * *

Just figured out who Brishen and the Kai remind me of (aesthetically speaking):
Anomander Rake and his people from the Malazan books.


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