Review: Hounded (The Iron Druid Chronicles, #1) by Kevin Hearne


Rating: ★ ★ ★ ☆ ☆
Date Read: March 28 to April 02, 2016
Recommended by: a lot of people
Recommended to:

Not quite 3 stars but rounded up for the dog

This is another urban fantasy miss for me, but I’m not disappointed. Kinda knew it would be so when I first saw it and the blurb reminded me of Harry Dresden.

There isn’t anything wrong with this book necessarily, just wrong for me. People who like UF might find it fun–fast-paced writing, lots of action, lots of funny moments, all lost on me though.

But I do like it in theory–Druid mythology, elemental magic, memorable dog sidekick, a cast of interesting creatures, multiple universes (or maybe dimensions of existence?). Though the execution–all that humor that was lost of me–cheapens it somehow, made it seem juvenile. The amount of snark alone borders on overkill even before the story got anywhere.

But the thing that bothers me the most, the one thing I couldn’t get past while I was reading, is the main character. Atticus is supposedly over 2000 years old, yet I don’t believe he’s a day over 20.

Age doesn’t necessarily equal wisdom, but perhaps some wisdom (or signs of intelligent life) would have made Atticus more believable as an immortal.


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