Reading Challenge


The current goal is 30, but I don’t plan on getting through a whole lot of books this year. What I do plan on is reading books I already own and somehow stop buying new books until I clear out at least a few towering TBR piles. Also, I plan on reviewing more. Hopefully it will all work out.

So to make this year’s reading challenge more of a challenge, I will only (mostly?) read:

  1. dead-tree books
  2. from my own library which is basically my priority shelf
  3. only ebook exceptions would be new installments of series I’m in the middle of
  4. so this means just SFF novels and science(ish) nonfiction
  5. so no, or very few, short stories, novellas, comics, graphic novels, etc.

The real challenge here is to see if I can actually do this for a whole year, a whole year of just physical books, from my towering tbr pile.